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1 Ноя. 2017 — 28 Фев. 2018
Курс Разговорного Английского
26 Фев. 2018 — 26 Фев. 2018
Мастер-класс по Listening
26 Фев. 2018 — 26 Фев. 2018
Тренинг по Грамматике
27 Фев. 2018 — 27 Фев. 2018
Театральная студия на английском
28 Фев. 2018 — 28 Фев. 2018
Debate Club
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Irlanda Cisneros

Преподаватель Английского Языка

“When students work with me, they look forward to our sessions.

Whether learning English as a second language (ESL), writing, grammar, literature, public speaking, or business English - it can be fun. 

I have Master of Arts Degree in Education (English and Spanish Languages) and Minor in Linguistics. 6+ years experience from junior school through graduate school and adult learners. My work has taken me all over the word. I have taught teens with medical obstacles; business professionals in finance, IT, flower shops, performance fields, etc.; I have presented seminars for differents groups; help countless people rehearse for interviews and international exams.

Each student is unique and is treated that way. Your goals are obtainable. Step by step, with a plan. I truly love what I do”. 

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