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1 Ноя. 2017 — 28 Фев. 2018
Курс Разговорного Английского
26 Фев. 2018 — 26 Фев. 2018
Мастер-класс по Listening
26 Фев. 2018 — 26 Фев. 2018
Тренинг по Грамматике
27 Фев. 2018 — 27 Фев. 2018
Театральная студия на английском
28 Фев. 2018 — 28 Фев. 2018
Debate Club
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Театральная студия, Тренинг Разговорного Английского

I try to avoid things that I don’t enjoy in my life. That’s why I work in a theatre and teach English. I don’t like strict structure, that’s why there is a lot of improvisation and unexpected things happening in my classes, and not only from me, but also from my students. I try to make students think outside of the box and start thinking in English. “Envision a situation/object and explain/name it.” That’s all I ask for, easy-cheesy! There are a lot of games, thinking, speaking and humor in my classes, because humor is a key for peoples’ hearts and for success in anything, in my opinion. 

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